404 Not Found Error whil executing load

while executing load I am getting 404 not found when I clicked on detailed statistics button, Can anyone help me out in fixing this

@daniel @dunxter it would be great if anyone of you reply on this , Thanks in adv !!!

Hi Anki,
This is an unusual error - we’re not sure we have ever seen this exact issue before. We’re looking into it now, but this type of error can be difficult to reproduce in isolation. It’s possible we may need to set up a call for a live session to investigate the problem. Either way, we’ll post the follow-up and solution here.

Hi Anki,
I have some questions for you:

  1. Does this happen all the time when running any load test?
  2. Does it still happen with different scripts?
  3. What happens if you click the refresh button at top right of the window?
  4. Is it possible that a proxy setting is incorrect?
  5. Have you tried disabling any browser extensions?
  6. What browser/version/OS/Java version are you using?
  7. Does it happen in other browsers? (If you have any available to try)
  8. If we cannot resolve the problem here, let’s schedule a short work session to fix it: When would you be available? We will set up the meeting via email and do the session via GoToMeeting/phone.
  9. FYI your company has a full support subscription, which covers all matters and incidents like this

Hi @anki, is this still a issue? another piece of information that could be helpful for us to diagnose this is the output of the console window when this occurs; the ZebraTester Console is what i mean

Like in the example above the error messages and general information is present in this view, so if you attempt to reproduce this error and look at the console you should end up with error message you can share with us or support in order to resolve this issue

Please ping us here if you have any other questions


@daniel Yes,I am attaching ZT console error snapshot here,please check

@dunxter Answers to your questions here

3.Nothing happens i.e.404 remains there
4.Not sure(most probably No)
5.Yes(I disabled Adblock Plus and MeasureIt),still same issue 404 not found
6.Firefox version-54.0.1 (32-bit) and java version- 1.8.0_131, OS-Windows 8.1
7.I havent tried on other browsers
8.I have attached ZT console error snapshot in above comments, May be this will help you out in finding root cause ,If that doesnt help you out then lets schedule session.

@dunxter @daniel I am not sure but may be some files got deleted accidentally inside local ZT folder that might be causing this 404 not found !!!

Hi again @anki, looking at the output of things could it be that you don’t have write access to the file area where ZebraTester is installed?

It seems like the job starts to execute but it cant write the data down leaving you with a 404, this is just a running theory atm but it would be great if you can attempt to run ZebraTester as a local administrator to make sure that it isn’t a permission problem

If that doesn’t work i would like it if you could contact support@apicasystem.com to better be able to assist you


Same issue even I have full control access to local ZT folder

Console now look like this


@anki, is it possible for you to mail me the .prxdat/.class files that you are trying to test with? I am starting to suspect there is something wrong with the test now due to the exception happening above the 404 error

If it is possible my mail is daniel@apica.se , i will keep an eye on that mail during the afternoon until EOD


@daniel I uninstalled ZT and installed again , now its showing me API requests, working fine now without 404 , Thanks for your efforts and helping me out in debugging this :slight_smile:
@dunxter Thanks for your time !!!

@anki, cool, glad to hear it got resolved, i will mark your reply as the solution and move the thread to the support forum for posterity if anyone else runs into the same issue

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