Apica ZebraTester 5.4-I is Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the release of ZebraTester 5.4-I.

Major improvements:

GitHub Integration of the MyTests Directory Tree
By using the GitHub integration you can manage all of your recorded sessions and all of your load test result with a remote revision control system. This allows you to have multiple branches of the MyTests directory tree, and to track changes/modifications of any file. Furthermore the content of old, overwritten files can also restored. The GitHub integration is accessible from the Project Navigator menu. For further information see the new GitHub Integration Manual.

New Feature: “User-Defined” Transactions
By defining “User-Defined” Transactions in the GUI you can mark sections in the recorded session which can start at any URL and can end at any succeeding URL or page. Later, when executing the load test, performance data of such sections are separately measured, which means that the “transaction time” and the “number of transactions” are captured. For example: If you define a transaction around a login procedure, you can measure how many logins per second have been performed during the load test. The measured data of transactions are shown in real time while executing the load test, and are shown in the load test result details. In addition, the measured data of transactions are also shown as “load curve diagrams”.

New Feature: Inline Scripts
Inline Scripts allow you to enhance the load test program with additional features. Like for example: Modify the HTTP request data before transmitting an URL call, or extracting data fragments from HTTP responses into variables. Similar as you can do with Load Test Plug-Ins - but in an (much) easier way. Inline Scripts can also abort the current executed loop of a user and trigger a “red” URL error snapshot.

Inline Scripts are written in Prx BASIC programming language. The runtime behavior of Inline Scripts can be tested in advance, whereby the script environment is simulated based on the data of the recorded session. For full documentation see Prx BASIC Language Reference Manual.

We have written a blog article around inline scripting that can be found here.

Other improvements in this release include:

  • Support of EC2 Data Center “Seoul”
  • Proxy Recorder Certificates now with SHA-2 signed
  • New Diagram: SSL Handshake Time
  • New Diagram: Load Generator Performance
  • Job ID and Job Max. Java Memory added to Test Scenario/Objectives
  • Optimized PrxCombineTestResults Tool
  • Enhanced PageScannerSessionToJava Tool

For a more in depth look into whats new in this release please see the release notes.

Download ZebraTester: here.

All Documentation can be found: here.


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