Apica ZebraTester 5.4 is Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the release of ZebraTester 5.4.

Major improvements:

ProxySniffer is now officially ZebraTester
ProxySniffer changes name to ZebraTester.

Improved GUI
Many sub-menus of the main menu have been revised and improved to be more powerful and user-friendly.

Real-Time Control of Load Test Jobs
Running load test jobs can now suspended and resumed. The number of simulated users can increased and decreased in real-time via the GUI and the value of variables can manually modified in real-time.

Optimized Resources for Load Test Execution
The memory and disk I/O resources needed to execute large load tests have been optimized and decreased.

Improved Mac OS X Installation Kit
The installation of ZebraTester on Mac OS X has been simplified and supports now the latest OS version.

Other improvements in this release include:

  • Measuring of the SSL Handshake Time and DNS Resolve Time.
  • Default GUI license now valid for 6 months, Exec Agents without license will run jobs up to 50 VU for 20 minutes (local only, no cluster support without license).
  • Support for Log4j for all ZebraTester components (except for Femto Web Server) and optimized default log output.
  • Firefox Browser Extension is now compatible with newer versions of Firefox.
  • ZebraTester REST API have received additional functions together with the internal plug-in interface.

For a more in depth look into whats new in this release please see the release notes.

Download ZebraTester: here.

All Documentation can be found: here.


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