Converting an existing SoapUI project to ZebraTester

When developing, mocking and performing functional testing of web services SoapUI is a popular tool. However, it does not scale far for performance testing. In order to save time and reuse already existing projects in SoapUI we will show how ZebraTester can record service calls as loadtesting scripts:

  1. Configure proxy settings for SoapUI
    Preferences > Proxy settings

  2. Set to use proxy (will indicate green):

  3. Start ZebraTester and open the ZebraTester GUI at

  4. Start recording in Zebra tester GUI, or using the browser toolbar.

  5. Add a page break.

  6. Execute a SoapUI call.

  7. Refresh view in Zebra…

  8. Repeat the process with page breaks and more SoapUI calls, or press stop recording when done. Save the prxdat file once everything is recorded.

  9. Double-click the service call http request to see request/response content

  10. Further details are shown if you click the XML button

  11. Extract the return code to a dynamic variable by double-clicking the return code -1

    Make sure to use the right set of token delimiters, for instance <> apart from those shown in the screenshot above. Use the Test Extract button to verify the variable value extraction.

  12. Take a look using the Var Handler, that becomes visible in the right part of the screen once you’ve completed the step above and pressed Extract. You can see that a value is assigned to a variable like so:

  13. Make sure to save your finalized prxdat file in Zebratester.


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