Create HTTP Archive File and Import to ZebraTester

Sometimes you cant make use of proxy’s on your network because of computer policy restrictions, not being admin on your machine and some other cases where SSL might give you trouble because of a incorrect certificate.

When faced with this problem you can still create a ZebraTester recording by making use of HTTP Archive sessions - HAR from now on - generated from Firefox; other tools can do this as well but i will focus on Firefox for now.

To do this in the best way and to ensure you get all necessary objects in your recording some preparations are necessary.

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Press F12 to open developer tools
  3. Enter Toolbox Options (Cog icon)
  4. Enable persistent logs under Common Options
  5. Disable Cache under Advanced Settings

When this has been configured you can clear the session if anything is present under Network by clicking the Clear button that is going to reside on the absolute bottom right in your Firefox window.

You can now start browsing around by clicking or interacting with elements on your website, personally i like having a Selenium script because i can use it for client side monitoring in Apica LTP or use it to monitor the website the same way i am load testing with Apica WPM monitoring solution.

When you have your recording, right click anywhere in the Network window and choose Save All As HAR and save it to your MyTests folder; this is usually /Applications/ZebraTester/MyTests or C:\Users\%username%\ZebraTester\MyTests\

When this is done all you need to do is fire up ZebraTester, open the Project Navigator and locate your HAR file, when found just click the button for importing the HAR file located on the right,

The screen you are presented with should look like the screenshot below,

Choose yes, load your new session file and go back to your main window, you should know have everything that a proxy recording would give you, this does to some extent mean that you can go nuts on this and automate the whole process but also that anyone can create the load test for you without having ZebraTester experience as long as their browser can save HAR files.

Most modern browsers support the HAR format, IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari for example, not listed in any order.

Hope this is of help!


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