Extract variable from one string response

Hi! Is it possible to extract variable as on in screenshot? (not able to upload txt so far). On left side response, on right expected variable.
As you can see token delimiters is different. It’s 1 string response. Thanks.

Hi, in cases like this manual extracting and definition of delimiters is how you have to do it,

To get to this view you simply open the URL in the Main Window and then you extract the value from the Content Response section,

You start by opening the URL you want to extract from like below

When you are in this view you can click on “extract var from text line pattern”

When you have selected “extract var from text line pattern” you are presented with options to extract the value you want by defining the delimiters and what line you want to extract from

If you still cant get it working feel free to send the recording (.PRXDAT) to me and i will take a look at it and see what is going wrong.

An alternative way is to utilize either the plugin below or inline scripting

The inline scripting method of doing it is documented below

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