Finding Timings in ZebraTester Results

When working with ZebraTester results there are sometimes areas that are seldom used when diagnosing when it can be a real life saver in pinpointing issues not only in a full response time for a object or page but the actual timings for the requests isn’t shown by default.

This is somewhat less hidden in Apica LoadTest service as timings are displayed on a per page-break level but also made more accessible by hovering over the values in the results but if you are working in ZebraTester these are invaluable to be aware of and how to access them.

When loading a result and opening the result you will be presented with the following view:

The response time average here is an average built from all the samples of the requests made, #1 GET - which is the example that we will be looking at here - had a quick response time of 36 ms on average but where can you find the values that was used to calculate that?

To gain access to this information we can access an alternative view with more details around each request, this is done by clicking the test number for the specific request, in this case we want to click on Test 1 which represents GET, it can be found to the far left on the same row as the request.

The new view we are presented with now contains the following columns:

Av DNS How long did DNS resolution take
Av Net How long it took to establish a connection
Av TLS/SSL How long it took to perform a TLS/SSL handshake
Av Req Trm How long it took to send request headers and content
Av Wait How long it took until time to first byte
Av Header Rcv How long it took to receive header responses
Av Content Rcv How long it took to download the response content

All of these timings added up translates into Av Time in the result meaning average response time both in ZebraTester and in the LoadTest portal, this can be leveraged in many ways by just observing where the response time is spent in between these.

If the most time is spent in Av Net, Av Header Rcv and Av Content Rcv then the issue is most likely based on latency or network issues, if the time is instead spent on Av Wait and Av SSL/TLS it is possibly a problem with a server being overloaded depending on the setup.

There are many more ways these timings can be useful for debugging performance issues with your website or application but i hope this helps.

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