Having trouble installing ZebraTester on Mac

I seem to be having a problem installing Zebra Tester on my mac. I have run the installation successfully but when I go to start the console the program opens, begins to startup, errors, and closes before I can read/capture the error. Is there any assistance you can provide me to be able to debug this?

Hi @rrusso, to best help you can you post the output you get if you try and start ZebraTester from the console, your Java version and what OS X release you are on?

When apple released Sierra i got some information from users that they couldn’t start ZebraTester, we are still looking into why this happens but i have a workaround.

If you open your javaSetup.dat it should look something like this,

reportFirstPageFooter=Apica ZebraTester™ Web Load and Stress Testing Tool {$prxVersion}  -  Ingenieurbüro David Fischer AG  -  A company of the Apica Group
reportDetailTitle=ZebraTester - Detail Report
reportLoadCurvesTitle=ZebraTester - Load Curves Report
reportComparisonTitle=ZebraTester - Comparison Report

What you need to change is the javacPath on line 1 and javaPath on line 4

If this doesn’t resolve your issue you can try and execute the following command in your ZebraTester installation directory,

sudo java -cp .:* dfischer.proxysniffer.ProxySniffer -webadmin -jobcontroller -execagent -runtimedatadir

Let me know if this solves your problem

Changing the java path did not help with the problem. However running the command line you specified did allow the service to startup. I will save this as a workaround for now.

Thank you

A good thing to consider with the -runtimedatadir flag is that unless specified where it is it will default into a new directory and you wont have you certificates and so on available there

[-runtimedatadir <path>]Set the directory in which the runtime configuration data of Web Admin and ZebraTesterare written. The default directory is the working directory of ZebraTester. Alternatively, this option can also be configured on Windows and Mac OS X systems in the prxsniff.dat file (see chapter 6).

If you edit the /Applications/ZebraTester/ZebraTester Console.app/Contents/Info.plist file in the following way i can now get it to work under Sierra as usual

Find <string>/Applications/ZebraTester/5.4-I/jre</string>
Replace with <string>/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_101.jdk/Contents/Home/jre</string>

jdk1.8.0_101 can be something else depending on your JDK version but doing that action with a fresh install on OS X Sierra and leaving javaSetup.dat alone seems to solve the issue for me

I have tested to generate a load test from an old recording and compile it as well as run it and it seems to work without any problems and you can stop using the workaround provided before

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This does not seem to be relevant information anymore as the plist within the ZebraTester Console.app has changed. NOt needed to migrate to new Community