High number of POST parameters removes variablization icons

When number of POST parameters is high (around 300) they cannot be variablized in GUI anymore. Icon next to the POST parameter is not displayed.
Is there a way to work around it? modifying generated Java code?

Hi @giovere, that looks weird indeed, is there any way you can share the script with us to look at what is going wrong?

Also yes, it is possible to write manual java code to work around the problem if you are comfortable with that but it is bothersome workaround.

Also what version of ZebraTester/ProxySniffer is this?

PInging @ervin, have you run into this before?

That usually happens when there’s a value that’s extremely long. The way I got around it is to modify the recording by downloading the request content into a txt file, modify the long value to something like 12-20 characters long, re-upload the request content txt file then assign previously set variable into the new value. Please make sure that you create a var for the original value before you modify the recording. You should be able to do so with var finder (just don’t assign it yet). Email me at ervin.talactac@apicasystem.com if you have further questions or needs clarifications. I can send you screenshots of the steps or walk you through gotomeeting session.


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Thanks for the quick reply.
Ervin is right, problem is the length of parameters. Ervin’s work-around will work probably for the most of people, who will experience it, but in our case it’s name of parameter which is long and not value. As far as I know variables replace only values, but not names.
We are running ZebraTester 5.4i, I’ve sent .prxdat file to Ervin.

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