After installing Catalina you might end up having some issues recording through ZebraTester, if you’re using the chrome browser.

Image showing the new error:

A quick way to get around this issue and enable you to record is to simply type into your browser “thisisunsafe” and chrome will ignore any certificate issues it thinks it has found and let your proceed to the webpage.

If you have parts of your application thats hosted on domains not part of the main domain, you might have to manually go to those hosts in the chrome and type “thisisunsafe” when you get a message telling you that the domain you’re trying to reach is unsafe.


  1. Facebook hosting static content on a 3rd party domain.
  2. Main domain facebook is accessible after typing “thisisunsafe” but 3rd party domain static.xx.fbcdn.net is not.
  3. Open up https://static.xx.fbcdn.net in a new tab or window and type “thisisunsafe” when you’re getting the error page. This will need to be done for all critical domains required to be in your recording.

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