Page Scanner with Authentication

I am looking for a web crawler that can browse through a site that requires form based authentication.The aim of the test would be to go through the site and present Page load time of each click event as a result. Do we have support for such a feature in our Page scanner? Can the above requirement achieved in any other way using ZebraTester?

Please let me know.

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Hi @amol, the page scanner included with ZebraTester parses the html and then follows the links it finds according to the rules you have set and keeps doing the same thing so i am not sure this is what you are looking for

You can however leverage Apica Synthetic Monitoring for this but it would have to be recorded with Selenium IDE due to the authentication challenge and then define what links you want to open so unfortunately not automatic

I would be interested to hear more about the problem you are trying to solve however to see if we have an alternative that can help you, if you want you can get in touch with me via PM

Daniel Freij @ Apica UK

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