Recording doesn't work in Mozilla and Chrome

I installed Zebra Console, add on for Mozilla and Chrome, added root certificate generated by SSL. But when I start recording there is no records in the list. What can be a reason?

Hi Andrey,

First, I would verify that when you start recording, your proxy settings are reset appropriately by the Firefox/Chrome toolbar and that the ZebraTester console is running in the background.

The web browser proxy configuration should be set as HTTP Proxy = port 7999 , SSL Proxy = port 7997 - You can confirm that from

  • (1) Firefox by going to Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Connection Settings or
  • (2) Chrome by going to Menu > Settings > (scroll to bottom) Advanced > Network > Change Proxy Settings

It is best (if possible) to rely on the toolbar to turn on/off these settings rather than manually change them each time as you record.

After the going through the user actions you want to record, go back to the ZebraTester main page and stop the recording and refresh the page. The network traffic that was recorded should show in the main page.

If you’re not able to proceed to recording your scenario after the proxy has been set there could be a couple of reasons why. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Zebratester 5.5A, I highly recommend you do. It’s updated Certificate handling will solve most of the issues when recording from previous versions.


One other obstacle that comes to mind is if you are trying to record on a network with a corporate proxy. A next outbound proxy will stop ZebraTester if cascading proxy settings are not configured. Cascading proxy settings can be configured from the Personal Settings menu (accessible from the main menu by clicking on the little man). If you are not sure, as your network ops team if there is a next outbound proxy on your network and they may be able to help provide the information.

I hope this helps!

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