Unable to load prxdat file and receiving a null pointer exception

My Operations team had shared a prxdat file with me, to make a few modifications.
On attempting to load the .prxdat file from project navigator, I am getting a null pointer exception.

Zebratetster Console:

at dfischer.proxysniffer.ProxyDataRecord.readObject(ProxyDataRecord.java:786)
at dfischer.proxysniffer.ProxyDataDump.readObject(ProxyDataDump.java:537)
at dfischer.webadmininterface.PopupDirectoryNavigatorWeblet.execute(PopupDirectoryNavigatorWeblet.java:567)
at dfischer.femtowebserver.httpd.HttpdProcessEngine.execute(HttpdProcessEngine.java:259)
at dfischer.femtowebserver.httpd.HttpdThread.run(HttpdThread.java:134)

Note: The .prxdat file, along with the .csv input files, are in the ‘ZebraTester\MyTests’ folder.

Hello @abhattacharyya, the immediate things i would verify is that you are using the same ZebraTester versions, going from a older version to a newer shouldn’t always break the recordings however this is very likely to happen if you go from a newer version to an older.

As this is more of an error and if the versions match i would advice you to get in touch with us via support@apicasystems.com , that way you can share your .prxdat with us privately and we will be able to investigate it closer to see what is going wrong.

If you refer to me in the ticket as well i will be able to take a quick look now in the afternoon.

Thanks @daniel.
I am checking with my Operations team if the scripting had been done on a higher version, as I am using 5.5-A. I will also be upgrading to the latest version on my system, to see if it works.
I case this does not solve the issue, I will be seeking permission from operations to share the script.

Thanks for all your help thus far.:slight_smile:

@abhattacharyya, this sounds more like a version issue now that you mention 5.5-A, both the load test service and the synthetic monitoring service were upgraded not long ago to use 5.5-F, could it be that you have received that version?

Support will be able to get you the latest version should you not have it readily available as well

Upgrading to 5.5-F resolved the issue, exactly as you had said it would.
Thanks. :slight_smile:Preformatted text

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