ZebraTester Browser Recording Extensions - Firefox and Chrome

Apica offers two solutions to assist in the recording of scripts with ZebraTester. These are browser-based extensions that help facilitate the recording process.

Currently, the two browsers supported are Firefox and Chrome.

The Firefox recording extension may be downloaded from the following link:

Download Firefox Extension

There are two main differences with these toolbars.

  1. Chrome extension allows you to set a bypass list (no-proxy list), this is currently not possible with the firefox extension.

  2. Chrome extension may be pointed to a remote instance of ZebraTester.

ZebraSniffer is a chrome-based browser extension that may be used to control a remote or local instance of Zebra Tester.

Installation: To install the chrome extension, click on the download link below, and add the extension from the chrome store.

Download Chrome Extension


  • Once the extension is installed in chrome, a zebra should show up near the address bar. It will look like this:

  • Click on the Zebra, and it will open the ZebraSniffer panel. Click on the last gear icon to configure your instance of ZebraTester. You may point this extension to a local instance of Zebratester, or a remote instance.

  • On the options panel, you may also set a custom bypass list. If you do not wish certain requests to be captured (proxied) you can set those here. For example apple.com, *.apple.com, etc will NOT be proxied if added to the bypass list. (They do not show up in your recording).

  • Once your options are set, click SAVE to save the options to your google cloud account (If logged in–if not it will write the options to localstorage). These settings will then follow you from browser to browser when google cloud sync’s your account.

  • You can now begin controlling ZebraTester.

Buttons: (From left to right).

Home - Opens a new window with the defined instance of ZebraTester displayed – becomes active once options are set.
Play - Start recording – becomes active once options are set.
Pause - Stop recording – becomes active once options are set.
Reset - Clears your chrome cache, sets chromes proxy to your ZT instance, and resets the active recording in ZT. – becomes active once options are set.

Reset may also be right clicked on – This will clear the recording WITHOUT dumping your chrome cache. – Useful for script debugging / not resetting cache.

Page Break - Inserts a pagebreak – Becomes active once options are set.
Settings - Configure your ZebraTester instance here. Can be remote IP or if running locally. Also may set a new bypass list – Do not proxy these requests.


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